Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Approach vs Technique...

There are a lot of techniques for working with horses out there, and technique is important. You've got to have tools in your toolbox! A barn doesn't get built with your intention, you have to use your tools to bring your intention into being. But knowing when and how to use each tool will have a lot of impact on your end result! With horses it's even more complicated, because a board is a board, and a saw is a saw, but a horse - well they are all different. No one technique is going to bring the same results with every horse. How it is used is what makes the difference.

Most people teach technique - but when it comes down to it, it is the way that technique is applied that can make or break us with our horses. When we work with our horses, there is so much finesse involved. Caroline speaks of knowing "when to be, where to be, and why" and to "work with the horse that presents itself". Learning when, where, and why is the beginnings of the tao of horsemanship. Those are the true gems that we, as students of the horse are seeking, to learn to be better at communicating and partnering with our horses.

In this video, Caroline describes how she defines the difference between approach and technique, and how she combines the two when working with horses, and teaching others.

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