Friday, December 3, 2010

A forum for Questions and Answers!

Hello!  We'd like to open up this blog to be a forum for your questions and answers.  While there unfortunately aren't enough hours in the day for Caroline to get to each of your questions personally, she will be picking at least one question a week to answer here.  We will answer some of them with a video too!

So please post us your questions here!

These answers will have to be somewhat general, because without seeing you with your horse, we can't know exactly what is going on.  If you would like a tailored and specific answer to your question that is just for you and your horse, please go to this link to learn more about assessments and evaluations, both in person, and via video!

Here is a question we got from Anna from CT:

Hey, my name is Anna. I'm 18 from CT. I saw you at the Equine Affaire in MA and now you are my idol. I love the way you work with your horses. I got your round penning dvd but my horse isn't responding to it well, probably because I'm not sure what I'm doing. I just got a wild Mustang and hope to have the same relationship with him as you have with your horses. Right now I'm working on getting a halter on him. He's ok with the nose band but scared of the strap going over his head. Do you have any suggestions on how I should go about doing this? And what should I do about training him to lead. Any input would be appreciated!


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