Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog video 7

This is the first of four of the musical freestyle and liberty
demonstrations that Caroline gave at the HorseWorld Expo
in Timonium, MD this January.

Caroline narrates some of the subtle communication between she,
Smokey, and Sundance, and how she chooses to solve some of the
problems they encountered each day.

We will be showing all four of her musical freestyle and liberty
presentations over the coming weeks, with comments from
Caroline. This is Thursday's performance.

On another note - we wanted to thank Katarina for a beautiful
email she just sent us.

I am on a journey to finding the way with horses that is most suitable
for me... I have been studying a lot of what is out there, and find that
many clinicians either aren't able to explain their method in an
understandable way, or don't have accessible materials for studying them.

Most people that I have looked into are either too "mechanical"
or too "spiritual" and when I recently happened to come across
one of Caroline's Youtube-clip I was completely blown away
because it's just what I'm looking for: BOTH spiritual and practical :)

I'm looking forward to getting the DVD (and in time purchase
more of her DVD's) and have a "new beginning" with my two
lovely horses Silva and Ciwanne! :)

-Katarina, Finland

Thank you Katarina, so much for your beautiful words!
I am so happy that this way of being with horses strikes a chord
with you!

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