Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog video 11

This is part 1 of 2, in answer to a viewer's question about how to approach Caroline's
Round Penning Approach with an Independent Horse who isn't interested in joining-up.

This and next week's segments are about: Understanding your horse's nature and
personality, and figuring out what works best for the two of you.

Here is the Question:
Katarina said...

Thank You Caroline for a great blog! : ) I have a question about the RP-approach. I have had about 4-5 sessions with each one of my two horses and one of them is responding well and she is connected, soft and very hooked on. The other however is not so enthused, she is a Full blood Arabian mare (7 yrs) and she is a very “independent” horse with a big “personal space” (she does not bite or kick, she is just ears back grumpy) She is seldom nervous or worried so she is not so keen on looking for safety and ease. In the RP she ignores me and when throwing the rope at her she can turn and look at me with an irritated expression that looks like “WHAT do you want!!!???” and then she calmly moves on and often continues ignoring me doing her thing (like eating bark from the RP-fence)
When I stay persistant she will finally show some honest interest in me (but not 100%) Do you have any advice for how to “win over” a more self-confident (and cocky) horse when doing the RP-approach? :)


  1. Thank You Caroline for a great blog video, you have an excellent way of explaining things so it really makes sense! I have been thinking of this all morning while cleaning the stables and I truly believe that I finally understand your point with the INTENTION and how powerful the intention is when working with horses, and not just with horses but in fact in all human relations and life in general. If you have an honest, true intention that you don’t abandon you can achieve so much more!
    My “connected horse” is more RB and it’s easy for me to always have connection in mind when I’m working with her, and because she is looking for a leader it also comes very natural for me to be soft, reassuring and loving.
    It’s a different story with my more cocky, independent arabian mare. When she ignores me or blow me off I very easily loose my intention of connection and the feeling I get is either A. The small child/girl inside of me (my real age is 42;) is “feeling rejected and sad, and I’m wondering what is wrong with me when she do not want to be with me” or B. I get irritated and wants to show her that I’m boss and she better listen when I’m talking to here. (it’s not so much what I do it’s more the feeling/intention I have when I’m doing something)
    So I’m either feeling sorry for myself versus being grumpy back at the horse… and none of that is very efficient, I now think I understand the power of that! (I have to put a sign up in the RP with the text “Remember the intention = CONNECTION”;)
    So thank you again Caroline, I’m really looking forward to part 2! :)

  2. Thank you Katarina for at great question! I have the same problem with one of my horse...stubborn and independent.

    GREAT and HELPFUL video Caroline!! Just what I needed. First of all I want to say that your blogvideos about leeding has been a success with my independent young mare. We have a great connection now while leeding. Harmony and connected!
    Next step is what your talking about in this video, great!
    This is one thing I love most about my horses, figuring them out and develop the relationship more and more. Learning how to "speak" to the individual infront of me. My other horse i 7 years old, I´ve had him for 4 years and he´s gentle and responsive. There is no words for when I feel the connection and get the feeling of that he´s WITH me because he wants to, and because I´ve learned his language and personality. That´s what I want with my other horse too. As you say Caroline: I´m going to watch her with my other horse...maybe he can help.

    Once again...GREAT blog Caroline! Big Thanks!

    Karin Larsson