Monday, March 7, 2011

Musical Presentation from Sunday at the MD HorseWorld Expo, 2011.

This is the fourth and final musical presentation from the MD, Horseworld Expo.

Caroline speaks about what made this day unique from the others,
and describes some of the many nuances of communication between
she, Smokey and Sundance.


We want to thank you for some of the comments we are getting via youtube and
email.  Here is one.  Thank you for this comment!

Caroline you are the best horse-person I've ever came across with! I studied many NHS-trainers, made up my own mind and worked my way into these techniques. It was my highly spooky Arabian mare who tought me your approach. After 6 yrs together our bond is a dream. Currently I'm helping other horse-owners to connect this way with their horses. But to refine my body-language and do it right the first time, I will from now on fallow your training-methods . You are truly the best!


  1. Thank You Caroline for a great blog! : ) I have a question about the RP-approach. I have had about 4-5 sessions with each one of my two horses and one of them is responding well and she is connected, soft and very hooked on. The other however is not so enthused, she is a Full blood Arabian mare (7 yrs) and she is a very “independent” horse with a big “personal space” (she does not bite or kick, she is just ears back grumpy) She is seldom nervous or worried so she is not so keen on looking for safety and ease. In the RP she ignores me and when throwing the rope at her she can turn and look at me with an irritated expression that looks like “WHAT do you want!!!???” and then she calmly moves on and often continues ignoring me doing her thing (like eating bark from the RP-fence)
    When I stay persistant she will finally show some honest interest in me (but not 100%) Do you have any advice for how to “win over” a more self-confident (and cocky) horse when doing the RP-approach? :)

  2. Hi Katarina!

    What a great question! I have a QH mare, Sundance, who is just like your Arab mare. I find this a trait in mares, being more complex in nature, independent, confident, opinionated, expressive, loving, etc.

    I am going use your question and film the "answer" for this coming Monday's (21st) blog. I write" answer" because when dealing with complex personalities, there is never an absolute answer as much as there is balance needed. I will get into this more in the video of Sundance and I.


  3. Hi Caroline,

    Thank you, I'm truly looking forward to the next videoblog! :)

    Kind Regards